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The company TFT

TFT became solid industrial reality through vertical integration, carrying out all stages in the process of tulle production. This bringing together all the phases in thread manufacture meant that the company gained a vast amount of knowledge and achieved extremely high product quality standards.

The tulle articles, which are made of natural and synthetic fibers and come in approximately 100 colors, are sold worldwide and are used in a wide variety of sectors: embroidery, lingerie, high fashion, pret à porter, bridal wear, dance wear and costumes, household furnishings (curtains, mosquito netting), products for special events.

Selected raw materials, latest generation machinery and highly skilled labor are the building-blocks of TFT’s international success.

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Tulle and soul


The company TFT

TFT's strong points

  • Know-how generated by vertical integration
  • Ongoing innovation to maximize quality
  • Wide range of products offered (some coming in 60 different colors)
  • Creative development even working in close collaboration with customers
  • Offer of customized services.