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The TFT story

TFT was founded in 1953 as an importer of tulle from France. After gaining 15 years of commercial experience, TFT began acquiring the equipment and technology to start its very own tulle manufacturing business

In the late 70s, the founder, Mario Spagna, handed over the running of the firm to his sons, Dario and Marco and his daughter, Anna.

Their hard work, continual investment and professional growth in all stages of production led the company to achieve a leading role on the international market.

2007 - 09

In order to remain competitive at the highest levels, TFT has:

  • increased the size of the production site
  • updated its production plants and quality laboratory
  • acquired a new storeroom and new office headquarters
  • redefined its corporate image.


Changed the legal status from Srl to Spa


New web site responsive


To continue to maintain the highest quality, TFT acquired new machinery Mayer-Liba:

  • a second loom Racop 130 Eco
  • a loom Copcentra 170 Eco
  • a loom HKS2 S of new generation


  • New automatic packaging line MIMAKI La Meccanica


  • Installation of a second HKS2 S machine
  • Purchase of new NOSEDA autoclave.

TFT's strong points

  • Know-how generated by vertical integration
  • Ongoing innovation to maximize quality
  • Wide range of products offered (some coming in 60 different colors)
  • Creative development even working in close collaboration with customers
  • Offer of customized services.