Cookie Policy

TFT Spa is a transparent company that fully complies with all Privacy law and does not use its customers’ and users’ details for business purposes. This website does not use cookies for profiling.

Cookie Policy

Since the Italian Cookies Law came into force, Cookie Law Italiana (on 3rd June 2015) website managers may no longer install  cookies for profiling and marketing purposes at users’ computers without having first properly informed them and obtained their valid consent.

What are cookies?

When you go to a website for the first time, small text files (cookies) are sent to the device’s browser.

  • Session cookies exist only as long as you are at the site and disappear when you close the browser
  • Persistent cookies stay active even after the browser has been closed and help the sites remember the user’s details and browsing preferences.Cookies may contain various kinds of information and are used for different purposes (such as efficient browsing around the pages of the same site, profiling for the sending of targeted marketing messages, analysis and counting of visitors to the site etc.).

Profiling cookies by third parties

The user may also receive cookies from websites or from different web servers (third parties) which may contain items (such as images and external links) that are on the website the user is visiting.

The new law seeks to regulate cookies and especially the use of such “advertising" cookies that collect personal data, often without the user's knowledge, and their being cross referenced to build up profiles of consumers they want to target with sometimes invasive promotional activity.

Cookies in the website

TFT Spa does not use profiling cookies and does not collect and process data to build commercial profiles for marketing purposes.

This site has technical and session cookies designed to improve the user’s browsing experience (automatic selection of the language used on a previous visit to the site, saving username and password and so on).

For further information see also the Privacy Policy of TFT Spa.

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