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50th Anniversary

In 2019 we reached an important milestone: 50 years of entrepreneurial activity in the world of tulle.

It all started thanks to the initiative of the founder Mario Spagna who moved from Naples to Milan after the war. In the first years of commercial activity he sold haberdashery articles in some European countries.

In France he discovers (and falls in love) the silk tulle and begins to import it into Italy. At the end of the fifties, he decided to produce directly the tulle in the first plant in Segrate.

In the seventies, investments and the acquisition of plants brings TFT to conquer the first foreign markets.

The three sons (Marco, Anna and Dario) take over from the father in the management of the company in the eighties and consolidate their leadership thanks to the control of the entire production chain and constant investments in research, innovation and development.

Today TFT is a Spa, able to offer a wide range of tulle available on Stock and on specific customer requests, adopting innovative production solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.

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50 Anniversary TFT