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Tulle made in Italy

TFT has always focused on quality. To guarantee its customers excellence the company has decided not to delocalize, maintaining all phases of production in its plant in Segrate (Milan, Italy) and use highly skilled labor only.

Annually the company produces more than 10.000.000 meters of tulle. Its main markets are: Europe, USA, Middle East – Far East and North Africa.

Specialization, research and innovation have allowed TFT to:

  • Develop over 100 articles of high quality tulle (elastic and stiff, made of both natural and synthetic fibers)
  • Keep up with the market’s ever changing technical and fashion content requests
  • Satisfy even the most demanding customers who may have very specific quality requests for their products.

TFT can count on an extensive range of colors and a warehouse which is constantly stocked with goods ready for delivery.