Technology, innovation and competence

The best technologies in the textile sector support professional competence and continuous innovation, happy union at the basis of the international success of TFT tulle.

Technology, innovation and competence


We have adapted the Mayer warping machine to our research and development needs to internally warp yarns of different nature with maximum flexibility and create more transparent tulle articles.


More than 30 warp-knitted machineries with 2 and 4 needs are available for weaving tulle of any type. Among these there is also a Raschel maschinerie to create Jacquard fabrics with customized designs.

Dyeing and Finishing

Autoclave of multiple sizes, stenter adapted to specific needs.

Laboratory and Quality Control

The laboratory allows us to check the technical data of each production, verify the color tone and maintain constant quality over time to guarantee each of our customers.

For the final check we use La MECCANICA inspection machines and speculums which allow you to monitor the tulle without the slightest stretching.