Tintoria Finissaggio Tulli

TFT Spa is an historical verticalized company, carrying out all stages in the process of tulle production. The company gained a vast amount of knowledge and achieved extremely high product quality standards.

Tintoria Finissaggio Tulli

All the articles are produced in the historical site in Segrate, close to Milan (city of fashion and haute couture) and are knitted using:

  • natural yarns (cotton, viscose, silk, wool)
  • synthetic yarns (nylon, polyester and lurex)
  • recycled yarns.

The tulle articles come till 90 colours and are sold worldwide in a wide variety of sectors: embroidery, lingerie, high fashion, pret à porter, bridal wear, dance wear and costumes, household furnishings, products for special events, technical and sportswear.

Colours stock service, Italian suppliers and highly skilled labor are the building-blocks of TFT’s international success, together with the ability of producing resistant but also very light fabrics.


In order to minimize the environmental impact of the production activities, TFT has acquired the most avant-garde solutions and technologies available on the market. 

  • Thanks to internal purifiers the TFT waste waters meet the limits imposed by Ministerial Decrees on environmental protection.
  • Likewise the emissions are kept under control through smoke scrubbers fit with electrostatic filters and back wash with water.
  • Particular care is taken to minimize the noise emitted and to guarantee the workers a safe, comfortable work environment.

In 2011, we installed a first 82 KW photovoltaic system to supply energy to production lines and operational structures (starting from 2025 the system, currently under further implementation, will produce up to 300 KW).