High quality tulle made in Italy

Attention to quality has led TFT to control each phase of the production process, to carefully check the characteristics of the products, guarantee advanced customer services and to minimize the environmental impact of its activities

High quality tulle made in Italy

Tulle and soul - By Toni Bullo e Enrico Forzato

Besides an accurate selection of suppliers and the use of the best available raw materials, TFT controls its products at the end of each individual phase of the process.

Highly qualified technicians carefully inspect our products in order to detect any visual faults in weaving, dyeing and finishing. In order to ensure top quality results, we have integrated into the Rameuse two new Mahlo pieces of equipment.

  • Permaset VMT a dwell-time controller ensuring perfectly reproducible cycles
  • Famacont PMC an online pick counting system that precisely detects the density of tulle, adjusting the value to specification.

Quality laboratory

At the end of each individual phase of the production process, the quality laboratory checks compliance with the set specifications (temperature, humidity, ratio between incoming and outgoing yardage …). Such monitoring makes it possible to constantly calibrate weaving, dying and finishing.

Fabric samples are taken during the finishing phase so that we can analyze:

  • physical propeties (elasticity, stretch, smoothness and dimensional stability, embroiderability, tensile-traction strength, resistance to rubbing and wear)
  • chemical propeties (fastness of the colors vs. light, washing, etc…).